Tuesday, April 24, 2012

RedGage for Backlinks and Residual Earnings and Prize Money!

So, I'd been hearing about this site called RedGage and one of my online friends said she won $25 there in a daily contest.  I wasn't sure what it was but I decided to check it out.

And was I ever glad I did when I won the Daily Contest in my first 24 hours!

Seriously - it was that fast!

The Contest

You see, the first thing you should know is that every single day they give away $25 to one of their users.  And it isn't terribly hard to win.  You get entries into the contest by doing things and then there is a random draw.

You get 2 entries for adding Knowledge Based Content (anything that provides value really) on the RedGage platform.  This is pretty simple; it is like a short blog post (or a long one if you want) that provides information on a topic.  And you still earn residual earnings on that.  But more on that to come.

You get 10 entries if you mentions RedGage on another site like your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  You can get credit for up to 3 mentions per domain per day but you have to have them approved by RedGage.  I think the key is to say something valuable and not just say the same thing over and over again.

And you get 20 entries for referring a new user!  Yes, 20!  That's how I won  my first contest - I referred a friend.

Now a couple things to note about the contest:

  • You can only win once a week
  • If you try to manipulate the system they'll be onto you so don't bother
  • All entries are verified by a real person so don't say you mentioned them on your blog if you didn't!

Now, on to the important stuff.  If you're like me you are out there getting backlinks for your articles.  Backlinks are critical.  They bring you traffic and you are more likely to be found in the search engines if you have backlinks to your articles.

You can create links on RedGage in a couple ways:
  1. Post a link directly to your article
  2. Post a "blog post" with a synopsis of your article and a link
Links are dofollow and RedGage is a PR4 site.  

Can't go wrong with that!

Residual earnings

Yes, you earn with everything you do on RedGage.  Post a link?  Every time someone views it you earn money.  Post a blog?  You earn every time someone reads it.  Post a picture? A video? A document?  Yes, they all earn with each view. 

The amount per 1000 views varies per person but I start at .60/1000 views and in a week I'm up to .85 from views.  

I'll give you a hint - the blog posts and pictures do great. Promote them on your social networks just like you would anything else.

Actually, I'm no longer adding pictures to Facebook. Why should I when they can do anything they like with them once I've added them?  Instead, I'm adding all my pictures to RedGage.  You can create Categories to make it easier for people to find your pictures.  And remember, now when your friends view your pictures YOU make money!


This is one of the few sites I've seen that does not offer payout through PayPal.  Instead, when you hit $25 (yes, that is the minimum payout) you can request payout and they send you a pre-paid VISA card. The first one has a $5 fee but after that you can request payout to your card every $25.

RedGage is awesome!  Residual earnings, backlinks, and a daily contest - that can't be beat.

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