Monday, October 7, 2013

Income Report - September 2013

I haven't done an income report since June!  Wow - I really should keep up with this because it helps me figure out how well I am doing.
Before I get on to the income report, I'll tell you a little bit about what I've been doing.
First, I haven't been writing at Bubblews nearly as much as I was in June.  I'm just frustrated because in July payments went missing and I've been having a hard time getting them. And one of my friends had her account closed and they won't tell her why.  And it really drives me crazy.  I think that it is a really unethical way of doing business.  But, that being said, you'll notice there are still earnings there from September.  I have no backbone. :(
Second, I have decided to give the whole blog thing another try.  A new blog with new content.  And I really want to try to do it right. I'm not sure why I'm doing this.  I have let a couple of blogs go to make room for this new one.  I just started it and my goal is to update it twice a week and focus on good content and social media. I mean really, there's not much more that you can do these days since everything else we used to do is breaking rules!  I'll see what happens with it though.
What else? Not much.  I got a few more ebooks out and I really want to do more but I have this problem.  I can't focus on anything these days! I don't know what is the matter with me. LOL
Anway, on to the reports!

1. Bubblews

I  made 19 posts in September.  Most of them were at the beginning of the month and then a handful at the end so I could get payout once more before the month was out.  I didn't post for almost 3 weeks straight.  And then I caved. I wanted that one more payout before the month was over. LOL.
Earnings: $153.42

2. Adsense

Ohmigod my Adsense sucks!  One of the reasons that I decided to start a new blog. I'm hoping this new blog will get more click throughs or something.
Earnings: $4.56

3. YouTube

It's hard to be exact because the number YouTube gives me and the numbers Adsense gives me and what I actually get are usually a bit different.  I still have 3 channels but only 2 of them are making money. I'm hoping this is close to right because it should be enough to get a check this month!
Earnings (estimated): $5.96

4.  InfoBarrel

IB is not my site.  I mean, it doesn't do well for me.  I know people who do very well at IB but I'm not one of them.  I actually removed some of my content, waited for it to de-index, and put it on my own revenue share site to see if it might do a little bit better.  But, I did get a couple of nice little clicks on IB last month so...
Earnings: $1.93

5. Ebooks

I really need to get my butt in gear and write some more books.  Considering that I could likely write a short book of about 10,000 words in about 3 days I should have loads of them up  here!  I don't know why I don't.  Lack of motivation?  You'd think money would be enough motivation wouldn't you?  Well, as of the end of September I now have 12 ebooks - two under my own name and 10 under a pseudonym.
Earnings: $13.17

6. Amazon

The majority of my Amazon sales come from Squidoo lenses that have  my own links in them. But in August I saw my first (and only) sale from my Amazon store site.  That was nice.  I'd like to see more of that though.  I'm mostly using Pinterest for traffic for that site and a little bit of twitter.  September was not my best month.
Earnings $2.47

7. Squidoo

I'm not earning LOADS with Squidoo but considering how much work and effort I put into it these days, I'm amazed to earn anything.  Every month I seem to get a couple sales and have a handful of lenses in Tier 3 so I make a bit.  September was not my best month, but not my worst.  I've been luckier than most in that I've only had a few lenses locked. And it's better than most other sites I've worked on with a total of $88 and change earned to date.  It was a year ago that I started getting serious about making money on Squidoo.
Earnings: $4.79

8. LOLSpots/MyLikes

My Facebook Page. I have to say that although this is not my biggest earner, it does earn more than other (like IB) and I do almost nothing on this little egg.  I have my Facebook Page set up so everything autoposts.  I use a combination of LOLSpots and MyLikes.  MyLikes takes a bit more work because I need to load up links to BufferApp but I do it when I remember.  LOLSpots is easier because they pretty much do all the work for me. Consider the effort that I put into it I'm ok with what it is earnings.  I have made enough on LOLSpots to get paid out this month - just over $10 and I've been paid out twice (have to have more than $2) in earnings from MyLikes with a total of about $5.  I need to keep better track of these two sites.
Earnings: $4 (estimated because I didn't write down the exact amount for LOLSpots in September and their stats aren't the best)

9. My Writing Site

I'm trying to post on my writing site more often and have been playing around with advertising.  I even tried Chikita and didn't like the ads that showed up.  Now I have Adsense back on there and I'm only using text links.  I find that they are a lot more relevant.  I'll know better next month if it is making a difference.  I do like the new text ad formats.
Oh, and on top of that I made $50 in the form of a text link for Grammarly.  The $50 came in the form of an Amazon gift card, which is fine with me because it will go towards buying presents for my grandbaby for Christmas.  So, I'm counting this. ;)
Earnings (not counting Adsense): $50

My Own Residual Earning Site

I actually have two of them now.  Writedge is the site I run with my friend Michelle.  As I said before, I'm not going to talk about the money on this site but what I will tell you is that the amount of content has seriously increase.  And, some of MY earnings from Adsense is from clicks on my own links to the site.  The other is My Two Cents.  I've basically set this site up so that if I decide not to write at Bubblews at all, I have somewhere to do these short posts.  I'm not heavily promoting it as a rev share site but if you want to come and post you're welcome to be there.  It is adsense based and you can use links to your own Amazon or other affiliate programs.  One link per post.

Grand Total:

$ 240.30