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Income Report - June, 2012

I have to say that June has been fairly good to me.  Things are looking good.  I put in a little more effort on promoting my posts and it has paid off.

If I haven’t mentioned it in the past, my focus is no longer on getting indexed on Google.  I mean, I know it is good but with all the changes that are happening I just believe that as writers and content providers we have very little control over it.  Instead, my focus is on providing good content and sharing it socially.  I think if the quality is there that people will share what you share and that will help with the search engines in the long run.  People also use social media platforms, like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter as search engines and if you ignore that you’re losing out a lot. I think so anyway.  So, I’ve started using hashtags more.

One of the things that I have done is added a Tumblr account.  I mostly share posts that are related to entertainment.  You can follow me here and I’ll follow you back if you’re on Tumblr!  I’ve also started using Pinterest more often and I’m finding that because I’m there more often people are re-pinning my stuff more, too.

Anyway, on to the report!
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1. Bubblews

I did great on Bubblews this month!  I cashed out 12 times and earned a total of $339.74.  I made 117 new posts.  So how did I make more?  I think it is the combination of the Tumblr account and more Pinterest activity and the hashtags that have made the biggest difference.  That and more regular use of social media (I was a little sporadic before June).  I made $74.44 MORE with less work.  So, I’m pretty happy with that.

2. Adsense

Adsense is still not where I want it but it is better.  I made $3.37 this month compared to the $2.44 I made last month.  I’m going to contribute that towards the new ads on my main blog.  And posting a little more so getting more traffic.  How did I change the ads?  Well, first, I put a text link ad at the very top of the page.  Thanks to my friend Michelle for that tip!  Why is that good?  Well, the ads are just so much more relevant!  I also changed all the ads on the blog to text ads only – no more graphics – except for the one in the footer.  Again, wow – relevance!  And that is key. If you go to a blog about freelance writing and you get ads about banking, how likely are you to click on them?  Pretty unlikely I’d say.
So, I’m happy to see a little increase and I’m hoping it will continue that way.
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3. YouTube

I only put up one new video last month and it is hardly worth counting because it only had 9 views. So, all of my YouTube earnings are completely residual. And I really do love that.  I made $8.73 on YouTube this month compared to the $7.78 I made last month.  Sweet!

4.  InfoBarrel

I didn’t add anything new to InfoBarrel this month but I did make a bit more.  I earned $2.98 compare to $1.99 last month.  Nothing new going on there.  I have decided to pull some of my articles that are doing absolutely nothing on the site (no view hardly at all).  I’m likely going to give them a little re-vamp and put them on  my own site (more about that in a bit).

5. Ebooks

Ebook sales are up this month, too!  I made $8.68, compare to $5.21 from last month.  I also added a new ebook but only one of the 6 sales was the new book.  I’m working on learning more about promoting my ebook and I actually have an advertisement on a writing site this month so I’m curious about how it will do.  I might try a Facebook ad this month later on, too.

6. Amazon

Amazon was my slowpoke in June.  I made $2.51 there this month.  Last month was over $6 so that was king of disappointing.  But that is directly related to the chaos that is Squidoo.  All hell has broken out over there, traffic has dropped substantially, lenses are being locked.  It’s pretty crazy.  So, I’m working on a new plan for making money on Amazon.
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7. Squidoo

As mentioned, all hell has broken loose on Squidoo and my earnings in June (from April) showed that.  I only made $2.47 at Squidoo this month compared to the $15.62 I made last month.  I’m not giving up on them though.  I am just going to work on making the lenses that I have better and if I make a new one it is going to be damn good and worth sharing and it is going to feature products that actually cost something.  I have a bit of thinking to do about this site but I’m not completely done with it.
….and the new site I’ve been promising to tell you about….

8. LOLSpots

Some of you will love this.  Someone has come up with a way to make Facebook profitable.  If  you’re great at creating pages people love with funny content you’re going to want to try this.
LOLSpots is a site that helps you optimize your Facebook page.  Some considerations:
  • you have to have 1000 or more likes on your page
  • this works best for funny stuff, humor, etc.
  • it’s not for everyone
My Facebook Page is All Uncensored Me.  I’d known about this opportunity for some time and I’d been working my butt off to get it to more than 1000 likes so that I could join the LOLSpots program.  I finally got there right at the end of May and was signed up and approved by June 1st.

So, how does this work?  Well, first, it automatically posts content for you.  It takes all the pictures that you’ve posted on your page and puts them on a page on the LOLSpots network.  These pages have ads.  Then it shares your pictures and everyone else’s pictures on your Facebook page with a link. Some of the pictures have little teasers (like something circled) and a title that leads fans in to click.  You get paid per views.
Recently they have added “articles”, which aren’t really articles but instead are collections of funny memes that follow a theme.  Most of them are pretty good.
All of these pictures and memes that automatically get posted on your Facebook page (you can determine how often) can also be posted manually on other Facebook pages you own, on Twitter, on Pinterest, and on Tumblr.  I’m trying to work out a system of sharing these pics/memes that works well.

I didn’t get rich off this site but I did make another $2.45.  Not bad for my first month.
If you have a funny/humor based Facebook Page with more than 1000 likes (or if you’re close and need some help) and want to get in on this send me a message and I will help you get set up!

Update to add...

9. My Writing Site

I almost forgot to add this because I don't usually make any money from this site but my main site actually earned me a nice little chunk of change this month.  I got paid from an affiliate (that I always forget about) and I made one affiliate sale so I made $49 from affiliate sales!

My Own Residual Earning Site

As I mentioned on this blog, I and a friend, started our own residual earning site.  I'm not going to be including stats from that but if you want to know more about the site check it out here.

Grand Total:

$419.93 (up $115.32 from last month)
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