Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Keyword Luv

If you are looking for some new ways to get some backlinks to your blogs and your articles you should consider doing some blog commenting.  People have been doing this for ages to get traffic to their blogs but now there are some blogs where you can not only get a good "dofollow" link but you can also get quality anchor text, too!

Keyword Luv is a WordPress plugin (I don't think you can use it on Blogger but I'm going to check on that and update later) that allows you to leave a comment with a "dofollow" link back to a blog or article and by typing "@your anchor text" behind your name, search engines will recognize "your anchor text" as being the keywords that identify your blog.

I have used this for my blog before (my main blog) and I plan to try it for a few of my articles as well.

Here are some of  the blogs that have Keyword Luv enabled (just make sure that you leave valuable comments - none of this, "Great post" BS!):

Oh!  and don't forget me!  My main blog is The Social Freelance Writer and I love comments - even if you aren't a writer!  I have Keyword Luv and Comment Luv enable and you can leave your Twitter url, too!


  1. I think that Keywordluv brings a lot of additional traffic to one´s blog. You get more unique content which is also a ranking factor for the google bot. So, the owner and the blogger take advantage from this system.

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  3. You can't do much better than these comment plugins. This used to work on Blogger, but the recent changes killed that.

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