Monday, June 3, 2013

Income Report - May 2013

As some of you know I’ve been having a bit of a time this month trying to figure out what I want to do online and where I want to put my focus.  It’s been a little wonky.  So, would I say this has been a typical month?  No, not at all.

1. Bubblews

This is where I have been spending the majority of my time.  No matter what some people say, I think this site is going to continue to be a nice little earner.  Since my last cash out of the month on the 28th and up to today, I have only published 5 articles.  I have not been tweeting articles that weren’t freshly published.  And I’m almost ready to cash out again.  So, really, if I could do almost nothing and still make $25 in 5 days that means I should be  making $100-125 a month doing nothing.  I’m tempted to try it.  We’ll see.

Anyway, on to the stats…

I published 143 new articles between the 1st and the 28th of the month.  I cashed out 9 times.  And my total earnings was…


When you consider that this was an average of 5 articles a day I think that is pretty good.  And these are not usually long articles.  I’d say that more than ¾ of the articles were less than 10 minutes to write.  More like 5.  They are “interest” pieces.

I’d like to experiment a bit and see what writing some longer keyword pieces can do.  I know at least one person that is having some success with this.

2. Adsense

Adsene – my goodness I had quite the month with them.  It was slow, slow, slow and then all of a sudden I’m getting a bunch of clicks for days in a row and they are big numbers.  Not massive, but big in comparison to the rest of the month.  Honestly, I’m terribly worried that they are going to ban me for click fraud!  I’ve contacted them to let them know it was not me or anyone I know but I don’t know how that is going to go.

Google seems to agree that there’s something weird about that because in my payments I can see that I was only credited with $2.44 for the month.
Sucky huh?
Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

3. YouTube

When it comes to Adsense, the majority of my earnings have always come from YouTube.  I actually added 4 new videos this month.  Not bad.  Better than in the past few months for sure.  They are just vlog videos so nothing spectacular.
According to my Adsense dashboard my earnings are $7.78.

4. InfoBarrel

Since I’ve been concentrating more on Bubblews I haven’t written anything new at IB this month.  I did fix up a few of them that are kind of staggering, but that’s it.
I changed over to the IB earnings program so I have a mixture of Adsense and other earnings here. Again, it was slow though.  Much lower than in previous months.
Combined, my earnings at IB were $1.99 (and yes, I’m really embarrassed about that!)

5. Ebooks

Finally ebooks.  Another slow month.  Seems to be slow all over really.  I had 3 sales for a total of $5.21.  I got my banking info set up so I’ll actually get a payment from Kindle this month.
**June 4: adding content because being the spaz that I am I FORGOT to include two things!

6. Amazon

Since Squidoo has gone all stupid my Amazon earnings have also decreased as that is where the majority of them have come from.  But anyway, with no major addition work to actually try to earn here I made $6.27 with 9 items shipped.

7. Squidoo

I had been trying to give a current month status but that just doesn't work with them so the amount made is what they actually paid me last month.  That means it was earned in March.  I got paid $15.62 last month.

Grand Total

Not my best month.  Not my worst.
But I have something new in the works that you all will hear about soon!  It has a lot of potential and I’m really excited about it and I hope you all will be a part of it!

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