Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Are Your Articles Being Read?

Cover of a Read All About It novel
Cover of a Read All About It novel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of the toughest things to learn is how to write articles/hubs that are actually being read.  So, many new writers spend their time writing articles that never get read.

One of the ways you can tell that your articles are actually being read is that they get comments.  You might have lots of traffic but without readers your articles are just a waste of time right?  And if people are actually reading your articles they will sometimes be inspired to leave a comment.

It's great to get comments on your article because it makes you feel like your time writing online is well spent. Even if the money isn't coming in yet (be patient, it will!) you can feel rewarded by the comments that people leave.

If you want people to read your articles there are several things you can do to encourage reading.  Remember that online readers tend to scan first and then decide if they want to read so making your articles scannable is very important!

You can find more tips for making your article reading here.

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