Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New HubPages Writers - Tips for You!

Passive Income 3
Passive Income 3 (Photo credit: casperam)
If you're just getting started writing for residual income online you'll likely find that it is a bit of a challenge!  There is so much to learn.

Some people want to learn it all before they start.  They read and read and read.  And eventually, all that information becomes so intimidating that it can be hard to get going.

My biggest advice?  Just get started.  Don't waste all that time trying to learn everything before you start.  You can learn as you go.  The best thing you can do is just write something and get going.

Another thing you should do is treat your online writing seriously.  Don't just write when you are inspired.  Write with a purpose. Your purpose is up to you.  But if you treat it as a hobby that is all it will ever be and you will likely never fulfill the purpose that you have started with.

If you really want to write online and be successful at it check out these 8 tips for newbies to HubPages.  They'll apply to writing for other sites, too.

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