Saturday, November 2, 2013

Income Report - October 2013

or01Seriously - where did October go?  I must be getting old or something because time seems to just fly by these days.  I mean,  really - my kids are growing up - one of them moved out with a child of her own (ya, I'm a grandma!) and the other is going to be 18 in two years!  I've been working from home for more than 3 years now.  And 2013 is almost over!  Crazy.
Before I get onto the income report, check out the picture that I had made for me on Fiverr ----->
I don't think it really looks like me but it makes me laugh. :)
Ok - let's talk money...

1. Bubblews

I made a whopping 50 posts on Bubblews this month. You'd think that would make a huge increase - or at least noticeable - over last month since I only did 19 in September right?  Nope. It stayed almost exactly the same!  Off by just pennies!  Bizarre hey?  I guess I know now that the majority of my income from Bubblews is coming from older stuff, not the new stuff that I put up.  I'm not sure what that means for future writing. Will I post more?  Or less?  I don't know.  I'll have to think about that.  As long as I keep getting paid!  Oh, how much did I make? $153.48
Oh!  Before I forget, if you're newish to Bubblews, I actually released an ebook about it!  Yes, there's a Bubblews guidebook/FAQ now! It's totally unofficial but I've been there a year and I'm still there so I guess I must know a thing or two right? If you'd like to check it out you can find The Lost (& Unofficial) Bubblews FAQ on Amazon.
Earnings: $153.48

2. Adsense

Well, here's a shocker - Adsense STILL sucks!  Even more than it did last month! I don't even know if I want to bother with it anymore.  Except for the YouTube stuff.  But here's my Adsense earnings:
Earnings: $3.09!!!

3. YouTube

Again, YouTube is an estimate because the amount that is in the dashboard of Adsense and the amounts that are on YouTube analytics are usually a little different and what I actually end up getting is somewhere in between the two.  But this estimate is pretty close.
Earnings (estimated): $9.09

4.  InfoBarrel

Do I really have to report this?  I mean really, it's just so pathetic.  But I guess I will...
Earnings: $0.40

5. Ebooks

Great month on Ebooks this month!  Love it when a new book does well.  I released a new ebook and it got NINE 5 star reviews!  And I swear to goodness, not one of them was solicited, traded for, bought, or anything sneaky like that. All genuine!  Oh, that's not money though is it?  Ok...$17? I have to estimate because a handful of books aren't showing on my report yet.  Should be able to see them tomorrow I think.  I'll update then.
Earnings: $20.96

6. Amazon

Wow - another site that is almost exactly the same (last month was $2.47)!  LOL - odd.  Nothing overly exciting here this month...
Earnings $2.57

7. Squidoo

Again!  Almost the same as last month ($4.79) - nothing exciting. I haven't really been doing too much at Squidoo.  I did make a couple of new lenses earlier in the month and one of them has made a sale.  Will I do more? Hmmm - maybe.
Earnings: $4.26

8. LOLSpots/MyLikes

Slow month over at the FB pages this month.  Facebook has been really messing with the algorithms and I just don't care enough to think about it too much.  So, still earning but minimal
Earnings: $0.57 

9. My Writing Site

Advertising was good this month on my writing site.  I got paid for two ads this month.  And I have been posting more.  I'm actually considering moving THIS site's content over there because I can't keep up to all of my sites!
Earnings (not counting Adsense): $80

My Own Residual Earning Site

Don't forget to check out my revenue share sites:  Writedge and My Two Cents.

Grand Total:

$279.42 (an increase from $ 240.30 last month)

Future Stuff

I plan on putting a lot more effort into ebook writing in the future.  For October I'm participating in Nanowrimo and I'm hoping to put out TWO 30,000 word ebooks.  Plus, I bought new covers for 9 of my ebooks in October and I'm impatiently waiting for them to start being visible on Kindle but a friend that has been advising me SWEARS that the new covers are going to increase my sales.  I've completely revamped my author site and I finally got my first email subscriber!
I also launched a new blog but I have no idea if I have the time to keep up with it or not.  I might try to figure out a way to get someone else to add content!

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