Sunday, December 29, 2013

SwagBucks - the Search Engine You Can Earn With

Ok - who is using SwagBucks as their search engine? Why? Because you can earn $$$$!  Well, if you're not signed up already start here:

Now how do you earn? Well, first and foremost, make sure that SwagBucks is your default search engine because for every search you do you could win SwagBucks. As little as a few up to $50 or even more (that's the most I've gotten on a search).

But that's not all. You can earn SwagBucks by shopping. Do you shop online at all? I know I do. I buy a lot of ebooks at Kindle. I buy stuff at And if you enter the store through your SwagBucks links you earn more SwagBucks for every dollar you spend. And there are lots of stores to choose from like Walmart, Sears, Bath and Body, etc.

Ok, so I'm not done yet. You can do surveys, watch videos, do a daily poll, play games, and a whole bunch of stuff. Now, you don't want to sit around all day long doing this stuff but if you have five minutes, watch a video or something. Over time it adds up. I'm really close to cashing out with $50 in PayPal. You can also cash out by getting an gift card or a whole bunch of other stuff. 

It's fun and easy and you can do it when you have a few minutes.

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