Saturday, September 24, 2011

Group Project!

I think I mentioned that I joined a group of ladies that also are trying to really make something with residual income last week?  Well, I've really been having some great chats with these ladies and last night this chat turned into an idea for a group project.

I don't want to get too into details because I want to be able to put it all together later but basically it involves working together to create on fabulous network of articles, backlinks, and one One Page Wonder (OPW). If you're not sure what a One Page Wonder is it is basically your sales page that gets people to BUY.  When you write HubPages or InfoBarrel or Ezinearticles articles, you can't put in affiliate links.  But you can point people to a page that does have your affiliate links on it.  And that is what the OPW is for.

It is going to be a smallish group to start off with - 5 or 6 of us.  We are all in the process of picking a general topic. Once we pick the topic, each of us is committed to writing one article a week.  That one article will be linked to the OPW and each person is responsible to do their own backlinking. There will be a certain amount of backlinks required for each member to build.

Once each member has their article ready, we will link them together in a small open wheel.

The OPW will be linked to a Master List of articles so that people who want to know more can go to the list and find other articles on the topic. That gives each article written another link in.

Those who are participating in the project will have the chance to earn more from their articles (through adsense or whatever they use) and will be able to earn on an affiliate project of their choice.  The OPW will have links to each person's affiliate program of choice.

Sound complicated?  Maybe a little.

But I predict that this is going to change a lot for us.

I'm truly excited about it and hopefully by the end of the year I'll have some exciting results to post!

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  1. This is a great idea, and thanks for checking out my first niche... started VERY recently... Good luck with yours and DEF let my know if you do a OPW with the FB-IBT. All best, Thanks...