Saturday, September 24, 2011

Home Workouts

Being healthy and active is not easy but many people find it easy to do so when they have a home workout routine that they are interested in and consider fun.  That is why this week's theme was home workouts.

These are the HubPages I did this week:

Rebounders Are Great for a Home Workout

An At Home Stairmaster Workout

Get a Low Impact Workout with an Elliptical Machine

The Benefits of a Pilates Home Workout

These are the InfoBarrel articles:

The Benefits of Exercise Bikes

4 Things You Can Do for a Healthier Life Today

Basic Essentials for Your Home Gym

Outdoor Trampolines - Fun For the Family

This is how I linked them all together:

These are the toplists I made to link to the articles and hubs:

Top 4 Pieces of Exercise Equipment for Your Home Workouts 2011

Top 4 Ways to Lead a More Active Life 2011

I've also submitted all of the links to IMAutomator.

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