Saturday, April 30, 2011

Broadening My Options

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So, I haven't given up on this. :)  But, I have decided that just writing articles bores me after a bit.  I have found the same thing when I am doing work for other people.  I can't just write blog posts about exercise or just write about careers.  I have to mix up blog posts and articles and stories so that I don't go crazy doing just one thing.

I'm going to do the same thing with my residual earnings and I might as well tell you what I'm doing.

First, I have a couple of niche sites happening.  I have one about anxiety/panic disorder, one about time management, and one about how to be a freelance writer.  I'm trying to add one new blog post to each per week.They have Amazon ads on them and Adsense.

Second, I am doing some product focused Amazon blogs.  I purchased a course (which I am likely going to review in the fairly near future) from Chris Guthrie and it has cleared things up.  I have two Amazon blogs up now.  One just went up last night and I spent  about an hour finding just the right product and just the right keyword domain and put it up. I still have to write a couple of real blog posts for it but I think this second one is going to be the one that starts making money first.

In the past I've been very, "I know how to do this so why should I pay someone to do it for me?" whenever it comes to pretty much anything.  I think I was just being stubborn though.  So, I've started outsourcing my linkwheels.  I know how to do them but why the hell would I spend hours getting a proper linkwheel set up when I can pay someone $5 to  do it for me?  It's an investment, right?

I'm still hemming and hawwing about the article spinning issue.  I can write but would it be a better investment to get a good article spinner?  Would it save me time?  I've tried free ones - they all suck - so I'm wondering if the paid versions are going to be that much better?  I don't know.  I'll have to think about it.  At some point you have to stop "investing" and just  get your butt to work, right?

Oh - that picture?  It's a "freelancer jump gate" and I thought it was kind  of cool. :)
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